Chinese Attorneys

Dennis Wei Chen

Attorney at Law Admitted in China

After graduating from the Law School of the East Chine University of Political Science and Law and obtaining the Certificate of PRC lawyer in1994,Mr. Chen worked as an attorney for 5 years in China. He represented many foreign and domestic clients in business and intellectual property issues and conducted litigation, arbitration, negotiation, and consultation in many areas. He also drafted legal documents and opinions on various projects. Mr. Chen studied in the United States in 2000, and he earned a Master of Laws from the University of Minnesota Law School and a Master Degree of Software Systems from the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota, U.S). Thereafter, he obtained the title of Senior Economist in China. During his past years of practice, Mr. Chen considers his clients as his top priority and continuously strives to provide services for various foreign enterprises, joint ventures and domestic enterprises. In June 2003, Mr. Chen joined Kuroda Law Offices as a Chinese attorney at Law.

Major matters handled

• Employee labor issues

Mr. Chen resolved a serious strike problem involving several hundred employees at a Japanese automobile manufacturer. He restored the company to its normal production level in a short time by working effectively with the local governmental authorities and negotiating fully with the employees.

• Employee damages claims for traffic accidents

Forty-five employees of a Japanese automobile manufacturer claimed damages for traffic accidents. Through mediation and litigation, Mr. Chen was able to secure full compensation for the employees.

• Resolution of labor disputes

Mr. Chen handles the arbitration and litigation of labor disputes for many Japanese companies, and has garnered great trust and appreciation from clients.

• Agent for applications for trademark registration in China

Mr. Chen represented a British manufacturer when it filed 39 applications for registration of its trademarks.

• Negotiation, litigation and arbitration in contractual disputes

Mr. Chen has worked on many negotiation, litigation and arbitration matters involving contractual disputes, and consistently places his clients’ interests first.

• Corporate due diligence and compliance investigations

Mr. Chen has handled due diligence and compliance investigations for companies involved in production, sales and services for pharmaceuticals, Internet, measuring devices, drafting and surveying, environmental protection, foods and a range of other fields.

• Winding-up procedures

Mr. Chen has worked on many cases of winding up, downsizing and dismissal compensation for Japanese companies. He has successfully avoided trouble with employees and fulfilled client needs, and has been highly regarded by local governmental authorities on many occasions.

Professional Career