Hiroki Sadatomo

Attorney at Law Admitted in Japan
Registered with the Taipei Bar Association

As a member of the purchasing division of a manufacturer, Mr. Sadatomo was previously involved in contracts and procurement for mobile phone parts. Aspiring to increase his level of expertise, he decided to set out into the world of law and resigned from his position at the manufacturer. He passed Japan's new bar exam in 2008.
Mr. Sadatomo joined Kuroda Law Offices because he wanted to utilize the 20 months of training experience that he acquired in China while he was employed by his previous company. From now on he would like to further increase his understanding of Chinese and Taiwanese law and consistently put forth his best efforts in order to provide, as an expert, optimal services to corporations that are active in China and Taiwan.

Major matters handled

• Investigations relating to commercial bribery
When a Japanese company based in Guangzhou received administrative penalties for dubious accounting processing in relation to its payments of commissions, Mr. Sadatomo confirmed the actual state of the company’s commission payments and assisted in preparing an investigation report with advice on how to recover the situation.

• Advice on labor issues
Mr. Sadatomo advised a Japanese financial institution in Guangzhou when it dismissed a Chinese manager and prepared the necessary dismissal documents.

• Incorporation of a metals-related joint venture
Mr. Sadatomo assisted a Japanese company with the formation of a metals-related joint venture in Guangdong by attending contract negotiations with the Chinese joint venture partner and drafting the joint venture contract, articles of incorporation and other necessary documents. Despite a number of setbacks, the joint venture contract was concluded in 2013.

• Labor arbitration support
When an employee dismissed by a Japanese company located in Guangdong filed for labor arbitration with the company, Mr. Sadatomo assisted the Chinese attorneys and won an arbitration award to the advantage of the Japanese company.

Professional Career