Chinese Attorneys

Wu Qiang

Attorney at Law Admitted in China

Mr. Wu completed his university course at the Department of International Politics at Fudan University, China, in 1988. After graduation, he joined the Legal Affairs Department of Standing Committee of the Sichuan People's Congress, where for over 5 years he was engaged in the formulation of local ordinances, supervision of the implementation of laws and regulations, and survey research on the formulation of Chinese national laws, through which Mr. Wu accumulated firsthand experience in Chinese law.
In 1993, Mr. Wu came to Japan to study. At Hitotsubashi University, he completed his master's and doctoral courses in six years, after which he submitted an ambitious doctoral thesis and acquired his Doctor of Laws(LL.D.) degree.
Although he had already been working as a part-time paralegal at Kuroda Law Offices since 1998, Mr. Wu formally joined us as a Chinese attorney-at-law after acquiring his LL.D. in 2001. In 2002, Mr. Wu returned to China to join Shanghai Pu Dong Law Office, which had strong business ties with Kuroda Law Offices, and began conducting legal services in China. After one year Mr. Wu was promoted to the position of partner, was given responsibility to provide legal service for clients of Japanese enterprises, and served as legal counsel for a great number of well-known Japanese corporations. Mr. Wu then rejoined Kuroda Law Offices in January 2005.
The combination of his advanced education, extended study in Japan, and unique career history have given Mr. Wu strengths in both the theory and practice of law, a sophisticated command of foreign languages, compelling writing skills, and an effective case-handling ability. Furthermore, his sincere character, his industriousness, and his ability to meet clients' needs with understanding, speed, and precision have earned Mr. Wu the praise and confidence of numerous clients.
Mr. Wu currently specializes in the fields of foreign enterprise capital investments, mergers and acquisitions, technology transfer, intellectual property rights, real estate, and labor, and he has a record of success in the many cases he has handled to date. Nevertheless, Mr. Wu is always determined to further polish his skills, and he spares no effort to ensure the highest quality of legal services while enhancing client satisfaction.

Major matters handled

• Recapitalization and debt disposal negotiations

• Arbitration for contract dispute
In relation to defaults on contract obligations by the other party, Mr. Wu filed for arbitration, settled on terms advantageous to the client (D, the Beijing local company of a Japanese company) and recovered compensation for lost profits.

• False customs declaration matter
Mr. Wu provided advice as appropriate with regard to a matter in which employees of a Shanghai local company of a well-known Japanese logistics company deliberately misused customs proxy forms and made false customs declarations by pretending to be a third party.

• Chinese trademark infringement litigation
When products falsely bearing trademarks belonging to D, a well-known Japanese sportswear maker, were sold on a group purchase site on the Internet, Mr. Wu successfully sued the seller and the e-commerce platform that listed the group purchase information at first instance and on appeal, and filed for compulsory execution.

• Labor litigation concerning industrial accident compensation for a Japanese local company
Mr. Wu succeeded at first instance in labor litigation for industrial accident compensation for employees who had not been recognized as having suffered an industrial accident, and then settled on advantageous terms on appeal.

• Negotiations for technical development outsourcing agreement
As representative of P, a well-known Japanese appliance manufacturer, Mr. Wu attended negotiations for a technical development outsourcing agreement for development work that had already commenced and advised the client appropriately on the drafting of the agreement, which was to be backdated.

• Negotiations for acquisition of a Shenzhen joint venture
In a plan to establish a bridge company in Japan and then acquire the Shenzhen joint venture of E, a well-known Japanese pharmaceuticals manufacturer, by acquiring the bridge company, Mr. Wu was involved in negotiations with the Shenzhen joint venture over six months.

• Litigation for a declaration of equity rights
Mr. Wu handled litigation for declarations of the validity of an equity transfer and of equity rights in the Shanghai local company of F, a Japanese company that was undergoing corporate rehabilitation procedures under Japanese law.

• Negotiations for the Japanese partner’s buyout of the Chinese partner in a Chinese joint venture
Over three years, Mr. Wu worked with T, the Japanese partner in a Chinese joint venture, to assist T to purchase the equity of the Chinese partner (a Chinese state-owned company) in the joint venture, by attending negotiations and advising on the drafting of necessary agreements.

• Customs smuggling criminal matter
Collaborating with a Chinese partner firm, Mr. Wu handled first instance and appeal criminal procedures for a matter involving customs smuggling by the false declaration of equipment numbers of M, a well-known Japanese electrical equipment manufacturer, over two years.

Professional Career