Antidumping Actions in China

Dumping refers to the introduction of imported products into the domestic market in an ordinary commercial transaction at an export price below the normal price of the products (see China’s Antidumping Regulations, Art. 3 (1)) and antidumping correspondingly refers to preventing this kind of dumping activity. Through its Antidumping Regulations and other laws, China has established an antidumping system.

If a case for antidumping is made, the party under investigation must register that it will respond to the case within 20 days, and must submit its response to the interrogatory distributed thereafter within 37 days in principle, although in some cases extensions of up to 14 days are allowed.

The above should serve to demonstrate that responding promptly is paramount in antidumping matters.

Services provided by Kuroda Law Offices

From our previous experience, we are able to give appropriate advice quickly in antidumping matters, which require a prompt response. Further, we can accommodate requests from clients under investigation not only to prepare responses, rebuttals and other antidumping-related documents, but also to attend the actual investigations that are conducted and provide other services.

The major services we offer in relation to antidumping in China include: