Credit Checks of Chinese Companies

Many companies that have expanded their business into China will have heard of Chinese companies that do not perform their obligations, despite having concluded an agreement clearly setting out the obligations. Further, Chinese laws require notification and registration procedures for Chinese companies to engage in foreign trade operations, but if a foreign company concludes an export agreement with a Chinese company that has not completed these notification and registration procedures, the agreement may be invalidated.

In order to avoid encountering the unfortunate circumstances in the examples above, it is essential to conduct a credit check of the counterparty company and obtain sufficient information before concluding an agreement.

Services provided by Kuroda Law Offices

We can acquire credit check reports and provide basic information on Chinese companies (including the date of incorporation, location, capital, representatives, nature of business and investors) at a competitive price.

Further, for clients desiring a more detailed credit check, we also offer a range of options for visiting and acquiring information from the Chinese authorities where incorporation procedures for the relevant Chinese companies were carried out, performing investigations in collaboration with leading law and investigation firms, and other investigative services as required by the client.