Practice Areas

Of the wide range of cases our offices handle, the majority are in the area of intellectual property, and many are related to China. While focusing on these, we continue to explore new subject areas and reconsider our existing operations in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of the business environment and our clients.

Recently, we have been handling such diverse areas as investment, finance, commerce and trade, general corporate legal affairs, product liability litigation, construction issues, entry visa matters, etc. We have global experience with handling cases in places such as Japan, North America, Europe, Russia, and Southeast Asia. (For details, please click one of the link buttons on the left.)

Additionally, in response to the recent trends of rapidly developing science and technology, we are actively working in fields that are expected to expand during the 21st century, such as the Internet, biotechnology, and sports and entertainment. We are proud to provide appropriate support for innovative enterprises in such fields.

We will continue to enhance our services and exert our maximum efforts in order to contribute to the success of all of our clients. Kuroda Law Offices and Kuroda Patent Offices are committed to working together with our clients toward a prosperous future.