Matters in these areas are becoming increasingly international in nature due to the current economic conditions brought about by globalization. The services we offer are accordingly international and borderless as well. We promptly satisfy the various needs of our clients by working in conjunction with our Shanghai office, KLO Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. or foreign law firms or taking other courses of action, depending on the situation.


Investment Affairs in China
  • Joint ventures and Chinese-foreign contractual joint ventures in China
  • Establishment, operation, restructuring and withdrawal of foreign capital enterprises
  • Proposals for capital participation in Chinese government-run enterprises
  • Feasibility study reports
  • Preparation and negotiation of various documents, including joint-venture agreements and articles of incorporation
  • Research on relevant Chinese laws and ordinances
  • Legal services such as providing advice concerning application for approvals and licenses to be obtained from the Chinese government

We also handle many investment cases through our Shanghai office and our affiliate company KLO Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and through business collaborations with leading law offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian.

Investment Affairs in Countries other than Japan and China
  • Legal services concerning investment cases mainly involving North America, Europe and Southeast Asia
  • Preparation of contracts and other documents, research, negotiation and provision of advice, through teamwork with attorneys-at-law and accountants of the countries in which the investment is to be made
Investment Affairs in Japan
  • Legal services related to corporate acquisitions, sellouts, mergers, equity participation and business transfers
  • O perations such as preparation of written agreements, minutes, etc., investigation, negotiation and provision of legal advice