Due Diligence of Taiwanese Companies

1. Due diligence of Taiwanese companies

Due diligence investigations are usually conducted before the acquisition of a company, but they may also be conducted for other purposes, including to audit the management of a subsidiary. Due diligence investigations to audit the management of Taiwanese subsidiaries may be carried out to confirm whether there has been any appropriation of company assets by employees of the Taiwanese subsidiaries, divulgence of the company’s confidential information or any other criminal acts by the employees, and to confirm whether the compliance systems to prevent these issues are in place and functioning properly.

2. Key points when exercising due diligence regarding Taiwanese companies

When conducting a due diligence investigation of a Taiwanese company, the investigation must naturally proceed subject to Taiwanese law. Further, if the due diligence investigation is not carried out with an understanding of the operation of Taiwanese laws in practice, Taiwanese commercial practices and areas where disputes often arise in Taiwan, the inevitable result is an imperfect investigation that overlooks major issues.

3. Services provided by Kuroda Law Offices

We have worked on a large number of due diligence investigations involving Taiwanese companies and have extensive knowledge and know-how relating to due diligence for Taiwanese companies. This enables us to conduct swift and appropriate due diligence investigations, taking into account the points mentioned above.

The major services we provide in relation to due diligence of Taiwanese companies include: