Translation (Japanese translations of Taiwanese laws and notices, Chinese-language agreements, etc.; Chinese translations of Japanese agreements, etc.)

The translation of Taiwan’s laws, Chinese-language agreements, Japanese-language agreements and other law-related documents and text differs from the translation of general Chinese- and Japanese-language documents and text in that an appropriate translation is impossible without legal knowledge in some cases.

Further, it is often the case that even though two words are antonyms, there is a slight difference in nuance between them, and this difference in nuance when one of the words is used in the contract used to conclude an agreement may lead to a dispute in later stages. Therefore, translation of contracts requires the utmost care.

Services provided by Kuroda Law Offices

Kuroda Law Offices has a translation department consisting of staff members who specialize in translating law-related documents and text, led by a member who has been with us since the firm’s early days. This allows us to provide top-quality translations of laws, notices, agreements and other legal documents.