March 12, 2012
Points to Note and Practical Responses for Trademark Registration in China
Presented by
Representative Attorney Kenji Kuroda
Hosted by
the Business Research Institute
Business Research Institute Seminar Room
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  • Seminar outline

    China is a market of particular importance for trademark registration, and one that requires care and expertise to navigate successfully. There are many points that businesses must be careful of when applying for trademark registration, such as the first-to-file system that is used in China, and the difficulty in having a trademark revoked once it has been registered. This seminar discusses the Chinese registration system and traps to avoid when registering trademarks, as well as the associated costs. Representative attorney and founding partner Kenji Kuroda also looks at ways to deal with prior trademark registrations and applications, and free-riding on famous brands. The seminar ends with an explanation of cases of trademark infringement, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

    1. Importance of trademark registration in China
    2. How do you register trademarks?
    3. Responding when you discover prior trademark registrations or applications
    4. Free-riding on brand names is not limited to trademarks!