May 8, 2012
Business, Legal and Troubleshooting Practice for Companies Entering the Chinese Market: Extended and Updated Case Studies
Presented by
Representative Attorney Kenji Kuroda
Hosted by
the Business Research Institute
Conference Room 1, 2nd floor, Zenkoku Chōson Kaikan (Nagata-chō)

Seminar outline

This seminar provides up-to-date general information on business and legal practice for companies expanding into China and case examples of the latest troubleshooting techniques, discussing trouble relating to strikes and other labor issues, window-dressing in financial statements, commercial bribery and other compliance issues, trademark infringement, debt recovery in China, consumer issues involving product quality, issues relating to antitrust law and issues relating to the management of technical know-how.

  1. Introduction (basic knowledge and recent topics on China)
  2. Strikes and other labor problems
  3. Window-dressing on financial statements, commercial bribes and other compliance problems
  4. Trademark right infringement problems
  5. Debt collection in China
  6. Consumer problems involving product quality, etc.
  7. Antitrust law problems
  8. Technology and know-how management problems