June 26, 2012
Latest Circumstances Regarding IP Trouble in China
Presented by
Representative Attorney Kenji Kuroda
Hosted by
the Business Research Institute
Hagoromo room, 1st floor, Hotel Floracion Aoyama

Seminar outline

Business in China may involve trouble relating to intellectual property, such as employee inventions and trademarks. In this seminar, representative attorney Kenji Kuroda firstly looks at employee inventions, and describes the system for employee inventions under the Patent Law, systems for remuneration and incentives for inventors, and schemes for transferring employee inventions created in subsidiaries. Secondly, he provides valuable insight into the importance of trademark registration in China, free-riding on well-known brands, and increasingly sophisticated trademark infringement.

Part 1: Issues involving employee inventions created in local companies

    1. The employee invention system under the Patent Law
    2. System of incentives and compensation for inventors
    3. Transfer schemes for employee inventions created in subsidiaries

Part 2: Trademark right infringement issues in China

    1. The importance of trademark registration in China
    2. Free-riding on brand names is not limited to trademarks!
    3. Increasingly sophisticated trademark right infringement