September 25, 2012
Measures Against Counterfeit Goods in China
Presented by
Representative Attorney Kenji Kuroda
Hosted by
the Japan Intellectual Property Association
Conference Room 501, Abo Hall (Nagoya)

Seminar outline

When taking measures against counterfeit goods in China, it is essential to secure intellectual property rights that can be exercised against the counterfeit goods in advance. Conversely, in recent years, China has displayed a remarkable increase in the numbers of applications for technology patents (invention patents, utility models and designs), and in the number of applications for utility models and designs by Chinese applicants in particular, which entail an increase in the risk of being subject to an exercise of rights in China. Whether in the position of the party exercising rights or the party defending against an exercise, the ability to understand and utilize the features of China’s patent and legal systems is essential. In this regard, founding partner and representative attorney Kenji Kuroda gives an outline of the practical aspects of acquiring technology patents and exercising rights, and presents an explanation of points to note when preparing for filing and during intermediary procedures, methods for accelerating rights acquisition, selecting attorneys for exercising rights once you have obtained them, collecting appropriate evidence, methods of proof, choosing legal means and selecting the trial location.

  1. Clarification of strategy focus
  2. Outline of China’s patent system
  3. Patent filing procedures in China
  4. Patent infringement litigation procedures
  5. Conclusion