February 8, 2013
Labor-Related Issues in China and How to Resolve Them
Presented by
Representative Attorney Kenji Kuroda
Hosted by
Pronexus Inc.
Shiodome Building

Seminar outline

As with many overseas operations, Japanese businesses in China may unfortunately encounter labor-related issues. This seminar provides valuable information on the current state of affairs regarding Japanese businesses in China and the policy and legal aspects of the employment environment surrounding them. Drawing on many years of practical experience, representative attorney and founding partner Kenji Kuroda discusses problems involving Chinese labor-related laws (such as issues with labor contracts, salary payment, overtime, confidentiality and non-disclosure, termination, and payment of economic compensation), restructuring in local companies (such as basic principles and procedural problems when reducing staff, practical examples of restructuring workflow and special cases when reducing staff), strikes in local companies (such as their causes, features, legal status, resolution and prevention), and industrial accidents involving local staff and ways to handle them.