Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Legal Issues when Reviewing and Restructuring Business in China
Presented by
Attorney Masafumi Takeda
Hosted by
Keiei Consul Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Hall

Seminar outline

In his seminar, attorney Masafumi Takeda looks at legal issues that arise when reviewing and restructuring business in China. In the first part of the seminar, Mr. Takeda gives a brief overview of recent trends in business in China. The second part discusses and compares specific restructuring methods, including merger, equity transfer, and liquidation and dissolution, and gives useful information on preparations, workflow and points to be careful of for each method. Mr. Takeda also goes into detail about labor issues when restructuring, both for the case in which current employment contracts are maintained and the case in which they are terminated. In the final part of his seminar, Mr. Takeda advises on strategic restructuring aimed at the Chinese market and legal troubleshooting, including such matters as the attraction of China as a sales market, and trouble involving antitrust (antimonopoly) law, product quality, commercial bribery and inventions in local corporations.