August 26, 2014
Risks and Practical Responses Surrounding Commercial Bribes in China
Presented by
Representative Attorney Kenji Kuroda
Hosted by
the Business Research Institute
Seminar room, Business Research Institute (Kōjimachi )

Seminar outline

Although a well-known practice, commercial bribery in China also involves considerable risks. These risks include the crime of offering bribes, damage to the evaluation of a company in M&A and difficulty in control of subsidiaries. Founding partner and representative attorney Kenji Kuroda offers insight into legal restrictions on commercial bribery in China, specific countermeasures that companies doing business in China should take, emergency measures in the event of an on-site inspection on suspicion of commercial bribery, and risks and responses regarding commercial bribery involving foreign officials.

  1. Risks and recent trends regarding commercial bribes in China
  2. Legal restrictions on commercial bribes in China
  3. Measures that businesses should take
  4. Responses when under on-site investigation by authorities on suspicion of commercial bribery (emergency responses)
  5. Risks and responses for commercial bribery involving foreign officials