Message from Kenji Kuroda, Representative Attorney, Kuroda Law Offices

kuroda kenji Kuroda Law Offices have striven for many years to fulfill our clients’ wide-ranging needs both locally and internationally as a law firm with a particular strength in Chinese business matters, opening an office in Shanghai and then creating group enterprises in Shanghai and Beijing to undertake investment consulting operations.
In response to a rapid increase in requests for services from Taiwanese businesses and Japanese businesses operating in Taiwan, as well as from businesses in Japan and mainland China, we opened our Taiwan office in June 2009 in the Xinyi District, the center of business and new trends in Taiwan and the subcenter of the international city of Taipei. As our original premises became too small for our expanding business, we then relocated to the conveniently placed Zhongshan District in the center of Taipei in May 2013.
Our firm employs attorneys who are well-experienced in a broad variety of fields, including investment, finance and intellectual property right transactions in Japan and other countries. Furthermore, the attorneys at our firm can confidently use at least two languages, giving them a great advantage in dealing with documentation and negotiations in multiple languages.
We intend to make full use of the mobility unique to a law firm with locations in Japan, Taiwan and China and the knowledge and skills that we have built up to support your business strategies speedily, carefully and to the fullest of our abilities.

Representative Attorney at Law/Patent Attorney

Kenji Kuroda