Message from the Representative Attorney

kuroda kenjiKuroda Law Offices was opened in 1995, specializing in prospective markets such as information technology (IT), and intellectual property rights, and striving to provide our clients with effective strategies specifically tailored to their needs.

In the field of intellectual property rights, we have provided all manner of advice for the prevention of litigation and disputes and for the optimization of client profits, including methods for the effective use of copyrights, patent rights, trademarks and design rights, and on strategic planning for the design and development of new products so as not to infringe existing patent rights. We have also handled countless cases in relatively new fields, such as LEDs and digital content.

To accommodate the ever-changing needs of both client and market, we aim to provide the very best legal services to our clients using our expertise, flexibility, and organizational strengths, as well as our long-standing experience.

Kenji Kuroda
Representative Attorney at Law
Kuroda Law Offices