Taiwanese Attorneys

Chen Jun-Cheng

Attorney at Law Admitted in Taiwan

Mr. Chen graduated from the Soochow University School of Law in February 2002. Since passing the National Bar Examination of Taiwan in 2006, Mr. Chen has handled a large number of civil, criminal and administrative disputes and many consulting matters as corporate legal counsel. He joined Kuroda Law Offices (Taiwan) in July 2011. Mr. Chen believes strongly in considering matters from the client’s point of view when providing services, and continually strives to improve the quality of his work.

Major matters handled

• Claim for elimination of interference
Mr. Chen successfully eliminated infringement by a New Taipei government authority upon land owned by the client, a Taiwanese citizen, based on the client’s ownership rights.

• Car parking dispute against the Taipei government

• Prosecution for a breach of the Banking Act
Mr. Chen represented the client in its prosecution of the defendant for a breach of the Banking Act and secured a conviction.

• Claim for payment of remuneration for services against a real estate agency

• Defense against claim for damages for defamation
Mr. Chen defended the client (a media company and reporters) by arguing that the news report did not contain any defamatory facts.

• Claim for industrial accident compensation and labor-management dispute
Acting for the employees, Mr. Chen won industrial accident compensation and secured the workers’ rights.

• Claim for damages
Mr. Chen gained rights in a money trust from a well-known bank for the client.

Professional Career