Kohki Sasakura

Attorney at Law

Mr. Sasakura is primarily responsible for general corporate legal affairs, risk management, labor-related legal affairs, civil and commercial lawsuits and dispute resolution, corporate acquisitions (M&A), rehabilitation and bankruptcy procedures, support for small-to-medium and venture enterprises, IT-related legal services and intellectual property disputes (including trademarks, copyright and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act).

In recent years, he has worked on disputes relating to franchise systems (such as breaches of franchise agreements, breaches of information provision obligations and breaches of antimonopoly law), disputes involving outsourcing of the creation of information deliverables, such as website design, corporate acquisitions (including acquisitions of the pharmaceuticals department of a Japanese company, a game software maker, an automobile parts manufacturer, a developer and manufacturer of packaging systems for the automobile industry, an electronics parts manufacturer, specialized trading companies, a general building management company and a building air-conditioning management company), issues with joint research and development with university professors, debt recovery (priority rights for the sale of movables) and arrangements of debts for corporations and individuals.

Previous matters handled (reported cases)

• Tokyo District Court decision of April 15, 2002 (Hanrei Jihō, no. 1792, p. 129; Hanrei Taimuzu, no. 1098, p. 213)
Case granting copyright to a person who posted to a message board on a website

• Tokyo District Court decision of January 26, 2004 (Hanrei Jihō, no. 1847, p. 123; Hanrei Taimuzu, no. 1157, p. 267)
Case seeking the revocation of an arbitration award relating to the legality of a refusal to renew a license agreement

• Tokyo District Court decision of March 9, 2006 (Hanrei Jihō, no. 1948, p. 136; Hanrei Taimuzu, no. 1226, p. 204)
Case allowing that the person who prepared the patent specification is a joint inventor in a claim for compensation for an employee invention

Professional Career