Practice areas

Kuroda Law Offices handles a large number of cases concerning China and Taiwan, predominantly in the field of intellectual property rights.

For cases concerning China and Taiwan, we offer support from a variety of areas, such as investment (incorporation of Sino-foreign joint ventures and foreign-owned enterprises, M&A for domestic Chinese companies and due diligence for local companies), commerce (import and export contracts, anti-dumping and antitrust law), and business activities (labor management for foreign investment companies).

In the field of intellectual property rights, when Japanese companies engage in patent litigation overseas, we work together with local law offices to handle a variety of issues covering infringement disputes and litigation concerning patent rights, utility model rights, design rights and copyrights, requests for trials for the cancellation of registered trademarks not in use, and countermeasures for imitation goods. Additionally, we also advise on IP management and the preparation of employee invention regulations for overseas branches of Japanese companies.

Moreover, we have ample experience with areas such as investing in developing nations and growing markets, Internet businesses using digital contents, and sports marketing.

Intellectual property

Preparation of contracts, applications for patent and utility model, applications for trademark registration and applications for design rights

Litigation and disputes

Intellectual property-related litigation, International arbitration and labor-related litigation


M&A, expansions, company start-ups, market withdrawals, liquidation proceedings and corporate restructuring


Instituting various agreements and regulation, establishing internal regulations and compliance, non-competition obligations after retirement, dismissals for reorganization purposes and handling labor disputes


Anti-Dumping law


Project financing, cross-border leasing and corporate financing


Preparing compliance manuals and compliance training