Dispute with Philippine Companies and Individuals

The Philippines is a litigious society. Filing a case before the courts is a usual remedy to enforce one’s rights. However, filing a case in the Philippines is not that easy. Apart from having a strong command of substantive law, litigants must also be aware of procedural rules, such as condition precedents, prescriptive periods, deadlines and other formalities. It is thus important for any person or entity involved in litigation or other modes of alternative dispute resolution in the Philippines to understand and comply with local laws and procedural rules. Our firm is available to provide legal assistance and other necessary services in connection with the following matters:

  • Litigation with Philippine companies and individuals, and assistance in preparation of pleadings and other documents
  • Arbitration with Philippine companies and individuals, and other modes alternative dispute resolution
  • Administrative cases and other disputes involving government agencies
  • Execution of judgment, including enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards